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Приложения категории Action, страница 11

Список игр и приложения iOS/Android категории Action.

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  • Real Racing 2

    **TRY IT FOR FREE!**

    REAL RACING 2 is here! Now, take the most hotly anticipated racing game ever made for Android for a FREE test drive. Once you get a taste of the adrenaline-fueled action, UPGRADE to get the total experience. Race away with 30 h...
    Разработчик: Electronic Arts Nederland BV

    Angry Librarian

    Angry Librarian

    Help the Librarian to reach the empty shelf without falling the book pile. It's a fun balancing game!

    How To Play:
    Use Accelerometer to balancing the book pile.

    Tags: The Librarian, balance, balancing game, book bala...
    Разработчик: milliongamee

    Gun Strike

    You are as a battle-hardened mercenary to fight enemies using a variety of weapons. Totally 19 weapons?grenade and 4 armors can be bought in store. To make money by completing more tasks to buy bette...

    Gachinko Tennis

    Killer serves and intense rallies! Knock out your opponents on the tennis court!

    Gachinko Tennis lets you serve up a variety of slices and endure intense rallies in elimination rounds of tennis.

    Win games and earn experience points to spend o...
    Разработчик: MocoGame


    В роли беспринципного сорвиголовы, собери вместе самых гнусных стрелков диких прерий и отправляйся в путь, чтобы лишить поселенцев их золота!

    Полнофункциональный и без рекламы (без рекламы)!

    - Стратегическая игра в стил...
    Разработчик: HandyGames

    Planet Wars

    Planet Wars is the cutest, yet challenging strategy game for the Android platform. Travel between and conquer planets, destroy opposing forces and become the ruler of the galaxy. Make clever decisions to outsmart your opponents in this beautiful real...
    Разработчик: IMakeGames

    Speed Bones MD

    Touch a human body and learn anatomy with Speed Bones MD!

    How fast can you point to your trapezium, trapezoid or triquetrum? Speed Bones MD is a fun an addictive game that tests your speed and challenges your memory.

    -Contains dozens of image...
    Разработчик: Benoit Essiambre

    Doodle Jump

    Jump, jump, jump to the top with the smash iPhone hit now available for Android!

    WARNING:Insanely Addictive! Jump, jump, jump to the top, top, top with the runaway hit now on Android! Guide the Doodler on a springy journey using springs, jet packs ...
    Разработчик: GameHouse


    Cute girls battle hordes of zombies!

    ** Thanks to you: Large update include new character!! **

    Thank you, we've received many positive feedback for Ama-Hina.
    We make our gratitude into the new character!
    Honor to introduce "Kozel", Cu...
    Разработчик: Cellnavi Corp.

    Ice Penguin 3D

    Enjoy Ice Penguin 3D!!

    Power up, Slide and Tilting your device !

    Ice Penguin 3D is a speedy and dynamic game.
    This game is set up with basic rules of curling scoring system and replaces the stone with sweet and lovely characters.
    Разработчик: WIZ Communications Inc.