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Список игр и приложения iOS/Android категории Education.

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  • Barnyard Games For Kids

    Fun and educational games for toddlers and kids. Ages 18 months and up!

    9 games in one! Colorful graphics, animal sound effects, helpful voice narrating, and lots of fun! Have your kids learn counting, shapes, colors, and the alphabet while being...
    Разработчик: Kevin Bradford

    FRED Economic Data

    Take the economy with you wherever you go. The FRED app gets you the economic data you need — anytime, anywhere. Enjoy full access to over 40,000 economic data series from 37 regional, national and international sources. The graphs and supporting dat...
    Разработчик: Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis

    L-Lingo Learn Thai

    Learn Thai smart and effective

    You don't have to know anything about the Thai language to use L-Lingo Thai to equip yourself to converse in Thai. In our 65 lessons, you have the option to learn in Thai script, or in the Latin characters familiar fr...
    Разработчик: L-Lingo


    Plot functions and trace their graphs with ease! This is a simple graphing calculator with graphing capabilities similar to TI-83 or TI-89 calculators. To start adding equations, tap the graph! There are no ads, because I hate ads.

    Разработчик: opticron

    Salsa Rhythm

    ? Salsa Rhythm ?

    Master Salsa Timing and Instrument identification using our Interactive Salsa Rhythm Android App.

    Top Features:
    ? Interact with instruments to train your ears to distinguish each instrument
    ? Prac...
    Разработчик: Uri Shaked

    GlobalEnglish LinGo

    Our Business English productivity application for your Android device.

    GlobalEnglish, a leader in on-demand Business English learning, enterprise collaboration, and performance management, has over 500 customers in over 169 countries. Our Business ...
    Разработчик: GlobalEnglish Corporation

    F?rmulas Matem?ticas

    Simple access to all math formulas with the F?rmulas Matem?ticas App!

    F?rmulas Matem?ticas is the Spanish version of the Math Formulary App that covers all mathematical formulas that are usually used in the school and the university. Where necessa...
    Разработчик: anjokes

    Free BJJ Videos

    120+ Free BJJ Videos and Downloads.

    Supplement your training with our Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt Curriculum and submission series Videos. Travis Tooke is a Carlos Gracie Jr. black belt and Top notch trainer. He has trained several MMA professionals, incl...
    Разработчик: ChokesaLot


    Земля является единственным известным планеты с жидкой водой на поверхности.
    71% поверхности Земли покрыто океанами с глубины более 3 км для более чем наполовину.

    уровнем моря, продолжает увеличиваться, 1,8 мм в год в течение прошлого века.
    Разработчик: exoPrimus

    Hop on Pop - Dr. Seuss

    "The Simplest Seuss for Youngest Use"

    The Dr. Seuss favorite "Hop on Pop" is now available as a children's omBook for your Android device.

    Three fish in a tree.
    Fish in a tree?
    How can that be?"

    Hop on Pop r...
    Разработчик: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.