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Список игр и приложения iOS/Android категории Health & Fitness.

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  • MEDA Cardio

    MEDA Cardio est une application r?serv?e aux professionnels de sant? d?tenteurs d'un num?ro ADELI ou d'un code RPPS. Elle est ?dit?e par le laboratoire MEDA Pharma en collaboration avec La Lettre du Cardiologue.

    MEDA Cardio est plus particuli?remen...
    Разработчик: MEDA PHARMA

    Stretch Exercises

    Stretch Exercises - Daily Stretching to Boost Your Health

    It does not have to involve a huge time commitment, but stretching can end up giving you huge results!

    Suffering from constant backaches and waist pains? Always feeling energies draine...
    Разработчик: IMOBLIFE INC.

    Stretch Guru: Run

    ****BUG FIXED*********
    ****NEW V.2.0 WITH AUDIOS**********

    About Stretch Guru

    Muscle and joint flexibility helps you look better, feel better, perform better and avoid injury. Try these easy to follow programs after you exercise and your ...
    Разработчик: Lori Bryan Living

    My Days - Period & Ovulation ™

    The Original: My Days - Period & Ovulation ™

    Track & predict your period, ovulation and fertility.

    Features include:
    - Calendar
    - Multi User support
    - Multiple languages (en,de,it,es,fr,cn,tw)
    - Add personal info regarding...
    Разработчик: Christian Albert Mueller

    SHAPE Bride

    Lose weight, firm up, find the right dress and more with Shape Bride.

    Whether you're trying to lose weight, firm up, find the right dress, or simply make it to your big day without losing your sanity, the latest Shape app can help you get it all do...
    Разработчик: PumpOne


    Quickly refill prescriptions by scanning your Walgreens prescription label and print photos from your phone that you can pick-up in about an hour.

    Walgreens brings you the official Android app, loaded with tons of great new time saving features. Or...
    Разработчик: Walgreen Co.

    USA Wrestling

    The official application for USAWrestling. This app does it all. Log into your USAWrestling account and update your membership status. View the USAWrestling Magazine and follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Read news stories from USAWrestlin...
    Разработчик: USA Wrestling


    With 750+ workouts & 5,600+ images & videos -this is the ultimate training app.

    There's nothing in the world like FitnessBuilder, and now its available on Android. This comprehensive fitness app is a free download with a MONTH TRIAL of Plus (fitnes...
    Разработчик: PumpOne


    ** Призёр ADC2 **

    Попробуйте эту революционную игру по поимке призраков в дополненной реальности. Перемещайтесь, используя GPS, и ловите призраков с помощью своей камеры.

    В игре есть статистика, награды, звания, рекорды, и, самое главное, куч...
    Разработчик: Games4All

    Slope Track

    Suva’s «Slope Track» records your downhill descent, the difference in altitude and your personal speed on the slopes and draws your attention to particular hazards. In addition, information on the skiing area as well as on snow and weather conditions...
    Разработчик: suva.ch