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Список игр и приложения iOS/Android категории Health & Fitness.

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  • Dexcom

    Dexcom, the Continuous Glucose Monitoring Company, brings you the Dexcom Mobile App for Android tablets and phones. Now you can easily view training videos, read educational materials, and flip through a step-by-step sensor insertion walkghrough. Nee...
    Разработчик: Dexcom

    Genetics 4 Medics

    *** Genetics 4 Medics featured in The Lancet (Sep, 2011)
    *** Compiled by doctors from Clinical Genetics, Pediatrics & Cardiology backgrounds

    Medical Genetics is one of the fastest developing branche...
    Разработчик: Apps4Medics Limited

    GI Monitor

    GI Monitor is the #1 symptom tracking app for (IBD) Crohn’s and Colitis

    GI Monitor is a free service that helps patients with (IBD) Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis track their symptoms and provide accurate data to physicians for optimal treatment. ...
    Разработчик: WellApps, INC

    Fashion News

    Fashion News from Telegraph Fashion, Fashionising.com's Fashion Blog, BurdaStyle Blog, BurdaStyle Techniques, Fabric Magazine, Hint Fashion Magazine, The Sartorialist, The Adventures of an Urban Socialite, WWD Headlines, Fashion Trends & Style Advice...
    Разработчик: Rolli

    My Pregnancy Today

    Expecting? Get the must-have pregnancy app for any parent-to-be. Brought to you by BabyCenter, the most trusted parenting resource, supporting 25 million moms worldwide.

    Simply enter your baby’s due date and My Pregnancy Today turns your Android in...
    Разработчик: BabyCenter


    Community Speiseplan deiner Mensa f?r die Hosentasche

    MyMensa ist mit fast 400 Mensen und einer lebendigen Community die gr??te Mensa-App f?r Android (auch f?r das iPhone erh?ltlich). Teile anderen mit wie dein Essen geschmeckt hat und fotografiere...
    Разработчик: Tom Quist


    Are you smoking?
    Do you want to quit completely?
    This app will HELP you!

    * Numerous tips for your motivation
    * Database to record each smoked cigarette
    * Statistics that show your tobacco usage and your SAVED money
    * Set your pe...
    Разработчик: Konrad M?ller

    King of the Slope

    For your own safety and that of others be careful and take it easy in the slopes.

    The must-have app for the competitive alpine skier! Track your runs,
    challenge your friends and compete to become King of the Slope!

    With King of the S...
    Разработчик: Vattenfall AB


    MySpeed записать вашу скорость и местоположение в лог-файл и показать их на карте.

    Может использовать базу данных местоположения камер для оповещения, когда вы находитесь их непосредственной близости.

    Нет камер, включенных в базу данных. Вам ...
    Разработчик: Neil Boyd

    Yoga Fitness 3D

    * Watch and follow 3D animations of 35 easy and intermediary poses *

    Yoga Fitness brings health & well being - all in the palm of your hand. It features 35 beautiful postures, ranging from basic to advanced, all created with the help of profess...
    Разработчик: andruids.com