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FlickAddress - Manage Contacts

Address book by flick and master groups.

FlickAddress is a new address book you master easily contacts in iPhone.
You can smoothly call or email when dragging and grouping contacts.
As groups can be switched right and left like you flick cards you can
find easily many contacts.
As FlickAddress uses iPhone standard contacts you can use it soon after installing.

* Find groups by flick
Groups can be switched right and left.
You can sensuously find them because groups are sorted by colors.
It is also possible to find it by page control in bottom of a screen.

* Grouping by drag
Let's touch and hold a little and group contacts by drag.
You can drag at once if you tap another items while dragging and
it is also possible to put some groups for easy identification.

* Bookmark contacts
Bookmark common contact for email address.
You can register email addresses and numbers individually.
You can soon send mobile email address without searching them.

Contact data:
FlickAddress uses data of your iPhone standard contacts.
You can use same data if you already grouped.
Groups by FlickAddress is reflected in your iPhone standard contacts.
Colors and sorts can be used in only FlickAddress.
In current version, contacts with no group data on iPhone are not supported.(ex, Exchange)

Please visit FlickAddress support page for more convenient usages.

- Select contacts/Grouping by drag
- Color /Sort groups
- Send all email/SMS
- Search contacts
- Add contacts/Edit/Delete
- Call/FaceTime/Mail/SMS/MMS/Maps/Webpages
- Send vCard in mail.
- Uncategorized:Automatically put together ungrouped contacts.
- Bookmark: Add items by tapping on the contact screen in detail.


Experience the Feel of Real Pen & Ink for the cost similar to get a good quality notepad.

Inkiness is a notepad with the feel of real stationery. All sorts of innovations and technologies are included to provide the texture of real pen and ink;

*Innovative GyroSpot
You can write naturally just like using a pen as GyroSpot keeps a nib up pointed all the times regardless of iPhone
positions. GyroSpot fixes the relations (direction & distance) between your finger and a nib.

*B?zier Curves
B?zier Curves automatically modifies hand writing in real time. B?zier Curves transforms electrical series of dots into natural flowing curves.

*Expressive Ink Writing
Inkiness reads nib movements and adds touch of ink writing. Inkiness sensitively re-creates provides t thin/thick lines, and provide the real texture. Inkiness writing has essence of human touch.

*Flexible Positioning Nib
You can write finely as you can see a neb. The nib position can be adjusted upon your favor and dominant hand. We recommend you to have a nib just above your finger.

*The Presence of Real Tools
Inkiness provides the traditional feel and atmosphere of real tools. All sorts of sensitive features in detail for movements and sounds are included. Feel the texture of pen and paper.

Inkiness has been elaborated in the hope that it would provide the real texture. Please enjoy the feel of a luxurious notepad and pen. Inkiness is a stationery application for those iPhone / iPod touch users with style.

- Natural writing with your finger
- GyroSpot: Keep a nib up pointed.
- Shake lightly to undo the most recent stroke.
- Flexible positioning nib
- Save/Edit notes
- Save to Camerarolls
- Attach to e-mails

Scheduled Updates
- Colored Ink
- Notes Options

Please refer to the below Inkiness support page for more convenient usages.

Inkiness for iPad

An excellent notepad tool for iPad

Inkiness for iPad is a notepad application that feels and has presence of real stationery.
Inkiness is a great tool when you need to take a note or sketch your ideas etc.

?Flowing Curves
Inkiness automatically modifies your script written with your finger into smooth lines.

?Unlimited "Undo"
You can erase your writing/drawing as many times as you want.

?Supporting Twitter and Evernote
You can share your sketches in Twitter or send notes to Evernote.

?Flexible Positioning Nib
You can write finely as you can see a neb.
The nib position can be adjusted upon your favor and dominant hand.

Experience the feel of real stationery with Inkiness for iPad!

?Flowing curves
?Unlimited Undo
?Customizable nib
?3 kinds of line width and 4 colored inks
?Save/Edit notes
?Send to Twitter/Evernote
?Save to Photos album
?Attach to e-mails
?Copy to clipboard

Please refer the Inkiness for iPad support page for more convenient usages.

Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser

You can operate multiple pages quickly and easily with one hand.

Sleipnir Mobile for Android, a web browser for Android OS, lets you browse quickly and easily with one hand powered by the following functions: switching tabs just by flicking even when numerous tabs are open, and deleting / restoring tabs with fingertip motions.
With “Fenrir Pass”, cloud-based bookmark sync service, you can automatically sync Sleipnir bookmarks among your PCs, Mac, and iPhone / iPad.

? Gestures
TouchPaging lets you switch tabs just by flicking side to side. You can “Close”, and “Go Back / Forward” webpages with gestures.

? Functional Tabs
Webpage thumbnails are displayed in the Tab Bar at the bottom and easily accessible with fingers. Color-coded 6 tab groups let you sort out pages depending on the intended purposes including work, shopping and others.

? Bookmark Sync
Fenri Pass, free cloud service, syncs Sleipnir bookmarks among different platforms. Once you set up the account, it syncs automatically.

? Features:

- Geatures
“L” letter: Close Tabs
“U” letter: Restore Currently Closed Tabs
“S” letter: Display Search Bar (S-shape Zigzag)
Clockwise Circle: Reload the current page
Double Clockwise Swirls: Reload the whole tab group
Up-Left: Go Back the previous page
Up-Right: Go Forward to the next page
?Diagonal line from bottom left to top right?Full-screen
?Diagonal line from top right to bottom left?Cancel Full Screen
* You can turn each Gestures off from Menu>More>Settings

- Hold And Go
Hold down a link to open in the background

- Hold down or Flick Tabs in the tab bar
Hold Down: Display Guide
Flick Down: Close Tabs
Flick Right: Create a New Tab
Flick Up: Display Tab Group

- Protect Tabs
Double tap a tab to protect it so that you wouldn’t close it by mistake.

- Usual Sites
New tabs screen changed to display [Usual Sites]. Register your favorite sites for quick access!
Hold down thumbnails to edit them, and tap + to display the additional screen and change page settings.

- Smart Search
Select a keyword to search.

- Change Page Display Mode Function
Hold down on a webpage or address bar to access "Change page display mode".
to change settings.
You can change UA and start-up applications per URL and domain.
You can also set with wild card.

- File Download
Enable to download images and PDF files on the webpages.
* You can save linked images by disabling Hold And Go.

- Search Within a Page
Tap Menu>More>Search Within a Page to find a keyword in the current page.

- Scroll Grip
You can scroll up and down quickly even in a long page by moving a grip. The grip is displayed when you scroll.

- Full Screen Browsing
Tap Menu>Full Screen to view a page in spacious full screen mode.

- Zoom In / Out
You can zoom in and out by pinching Zoom Button. You can zoom in and out webpages for smartphones.

- Bookmark Import
Select Bookmark List>Menu>Import to import bookmarks from the default browser.

- Bookmark Sort
Automatic sorting by Site name/URL/Visit Count/Visit Date fields in ascending and descending order possible by selecting "sort automatically" from [Bookmarks>Menu].
Also, folder formatting can be switched to "be sorted manually" by drag and dropping.

- Privacy Settings
You can clear passwords, history, and caches from Menu>More>Settings

- FenrirFS Bookmark
Manage bookmarks with colorfully coded labels.

- Facebook Support
Hold down on a webpage to instantly share on Facebook.
* When Hold And Go is Off, you can share images just by holding them down.

? Other Features
- History
- Hold Down “Back” key to Exit
- Search Specialized Startpage
- Share pages
Please help us improve Sleipnir Mobile for Android by giving your feedback on Facebook.com/SleipnirMobile. Please join! http://www.facebook.com/SleipnirMobile