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Chill Comic

Chill is a mobile comic. No matter who and no matter how old, to subscribe to chill that rises every week, you look more 'cool' than usual!

Hebrew Letters

Learning the Hebrew Aleph Bet is fun and easy.

This is a learning game to learn how to recognize and write the Hebrew letters – Aleph Bet - with sound association. This application was developed with teachers specialized in the Hebrew language assimilation. No prior knowledge is assumed or needed.
In the first stage, the letters need to be traced according to the arrows. The tracing needs to be made within the letter frame and according to the order of the arrows.
In the second stage there are no arrows. The letters need to be traced and written according to what we learned in the previous stage in the letter frame.
When a letter is successfully traced, an example which begins in the same letter and sound appears and assists in the learning process.

KL Guide

Traveling guide for visitors who wants to explore Kuala Lumpur city. It has information (review,discount,promotion,best deal) on shopping and dinning in KL Malaysia.