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Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser на Android iPhone/iPad

Разработчик приложения Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser: Fenrir Inc.

You can operate multiple pages quickly and easily with one hand.

Sleipnir Mobile for Android, a web browser for Android OS, lets you browse quickly and easily with one hand powered by the following functions: switching tabs just by flicking even when numerous tabs are open, and deleting / restoring tabs with fingertip motions.
With “Fenrir Pass”, cloud-based bookmark sync service, you can automatically sync Sleipnir bookmarks among your PCs, Mac, and iPhone / iPad.

? Gestures
TouchPaging lets you switch tabs just by flicking side to side. You can “Close”, and “Go Back / Forward” webpages with gestures.

? Functional Tabs
Webpage thumbnails are displayed in the Tab Bar at the bottom and easily accessible with fingers. Color-coded 6 tab groups let you sort out pages depending on the intended purposes including work, shopping and others.

? Bookmark Sync
Fenri Pass, free cloud service, syncs Sleipnir bookmarks among different platforms. Once you set up the account, it syncs automatically.

? Features:

- Geatures
“L” letter: Close Tabs
“U” letter: Restore Currently Closed Tabs
“S” letter: Display Search Bar (S-shape Zigzag)
Clockwise Circle: Reload the current page
Double Clockwise Swirls: Reload the whole tab group
Up-Left: Go Back the previous page
Up-Right: Go Forward to the next page
?Diagonal line from bottom left to top right?Full-screen
?Diagonal line from top right to bottom left?Cancel Full Screen
* You can turn each Gestures off from Menu>More>Settings

- Hold And Go
Hold down a link to open in the background

- Hold down or Flick Tabs in the tab bar
Hold Down: Display Guide
Flick Down: Close Tabs
Flick Right: Create a New Tab
Flick Up: Display Tab Group

- Protect Tabs
Double tap a tab to protect it so that you wouldn’t close it by mistake.

- Usual Sites
New tabs screen changed to display [Usual Sites]. Register your favorite sites for quick access!
Hold down thumbnails to edit them, and tap + to display the additional screen and change page settings.

- Smart Search
Select a keyword to search.

- Change Page Display Mode Function
Hold down on a webpage or address bar to access "Change page display mode".
to change settings.
You can change UA and start-up applications per URL and domain.
You can also set with wild card.

- File Download
Enable to download images and PDF files on the webpages.
* You can save linked images by disabling Hold And Go.

- Search Within a Page
Tap Menu>More>Search Within a Page to find a keyword in the current page.

- Scroll Grip
You can scroll up and down quickly even in a long page by moving a grip. The grip is displayed when you scroll.

- Full Screen Browsing
Tap Menu>Full Screen to view a page in spacious full screen mode.

- Zoom In / Out
You can zoom in and out by pinching Zoom Button. You can zoom in and out webpages for smartphones.

- Bookmark Import
Select Bookmark List>Menu>Import to import bookmarks from the default browser.

- Bookmark Sort
Automatic sorting by Site name/URL/Visit Count/Visit Date fields in ascending and descending order possible by selecting "sort automatically" from [Bookmarks>Menu].
Also, folder formatting can be switched to "be sorted manually" by drag and dropping.

- Privacy Settings
You can clear passwords, history, and caches from Menu>More>Settings

- FenrirFS Bookmark
Manage bookmarks with colorfully coded labels.

- Facebook Support
Hold down on a webpage to instantly share on Facebook.
* When Hold And Go is Off, you can share images just by holding them down.

? Other Features
- History
- Hold Down “Back” key to Exit
- Search Specialized Startpage
- Share pages
Please help us improve Sleipnir Mobile for Android by giving your feedback on Facebook.com/SleipnirMobile. Please join! http://www.facebook.com/SleipnirMobile

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  • Изначально импортировано для: android

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