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S3 Dandelion Cube на Android

Разработчик приложения S3 Dandelion Cube: LightCubeMagic

A dandelion is a flower. Many people call it a weed. They can be eaten by humans. They are named for their sharp leaves that look like lion's teeth. Its seeds are like little parachutes that fly away with the wind, spreading and growing more dandelions. They are used in China as medicine. Dandelion pollen can often make people have allergies. These are beautiful images of Dandelion made famous as it was used in Samsung Galaxy SIII. We made cube and allows it to be rotated in 3D.

Options for transparent box
2 different light source
Option to move light
Option to change viewing angle and change background color.
Option for Auto rotation with speed control, or manual control with finger swipe.

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S3 Dandelion Cube S3 Dandelion Cube S3 Dandelion Cube S3 Dandelion Cube S3 Dandelion Cube S3 Dandelion Cube

S3 Dandelion Cube: дополнительная информация

  • Дата первого импорта: 2013-10-07 07:15:03
  • Изначально импортировано для: android

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