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Geiger Camera на iPhone/iPad

Разработчик приложения Geiger Camera: SensCare

The application "Geiger Camera" uses the camera as a detector of radioactivity. It will allow you to alert you in case of nuclear accident, and to monitor the radioactivity around you.
The CMOS sensors that fit the iPhone 4 and 3GS are sensitive to the X-radiations and Gamma.

Demo : http://goo.gl/EyZOx
This application will allow you to:

- Assess the environmental radioactivity.
- Monitor the radiation level in your area, your home and your workplace.
- To control small objects of the everyday life likely to be radioactive (watches, metals).
- To detect the presence of radioactive sources or levels of contamination important in the environment. - To consider the radioactivity ambient.

For this it is necessary to obscure the camera of your iPhone, setting an opaque paper with an adhesive, or by simply posing your iPhone 4 on a desk, camera downwards.

The feature "Alert" available in the first tab allows to detect within 30s the presence of contamination and radioactive sources nearby above 6.6?Sv/h (watch, a piece of radioactive metal ...).

The feature "Measure" can perform an accurate estimate of the level of natural radioactivity or the ambiant radioactivity in the presence of sources. It can require several hours in case of low radioactivity as the natural radioactivity.
It's better to let the measure turn during the night and to connect your iPhone on the sector. You can turn off the screen of the iPhone using the hold button above iPhone.

You can at the end of a Measure, save the data. The total absorbed dose will be displayed and compared with respect to the dose limit for exposure of the International Commission on Radiological Protection.

Interest and limits of use:

The Geiger counter, like all conventional radiation meters, does not answer all the problems of radiation detection and radio-protection. Alpha emissions are not detected (e.g. emitted by radon). Low levels of irradiation may not be detected.
This app is intended for the use of the private individuals as a tool for pre-detection and is not be recommended for professional uses.
SensCare © 2011 - Your health matters.

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