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C+M Dental на Android iPhone/iPad

Разработчик приложения C+M Dental: C+M Dental

The C+M Dental app from Cendres+M?taux SA is designed to educate and support dentists and dental technicians in their daily business and provide a resource for all specialists in dentistry.

From overviews of the wide range of attachments, case planning and simulator, the C+M Dental app provides you with useful information to simplify your work.

Features include:

Education: With the use of a simulation, you can experience for yourself how easy the SFI-Bar® (StressFree-Implant Bar) can be mounted. The simulator provides you with the opportunity to conduct a virtual, hands-on mounting procedure of the SFI-Bar®. The full procedure is also shown in a clinical case video, which was made in cooperation with the University of Bern (Switzerland).

Case planning: Guides you to find out which attachment or alloy fits bests for your current case. Once you’ve found your product, learn more about it and explore the details with a 3D view.

Facts and science: Learn more about the features and references to the SFI-Bar® and read the testimonials of different international doctors and professors.

Up to date: Local News, Events and Courses from Cendres+M?taux. Check out what’s new and see the course offering in your area.

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