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RunMateGPS на Android iPhone/iPad

Разработчик приложения RunMateGPS: ZeroOneMIA

Have fun running with runners around the globe with RunMateGPS.

The essential iPhone app for runners, RunMateGPS. Now on android. Enjoy riding with users around the globe.

RunMateGPS is an application that uses GPS module in your smartphone.
RunMateGPS has many functions necessary for runners. It also has features that helps runners get most out of their running. RunMateGPS has speedometer and real time graph features to check while you are running. It also has sharing feature to share your riding through popular services like facebook and twitter.

Major features
- Speedometer that shows current pace/speed, average pace/speed, distance, calorie, and etc.
- Graph view that shows speed and elevation changes in real time.
- Browse the map and your route in real time.
- Load stored route on map to compare to your current exercise.
- Calendar for easy management of your exercise records.
- GPX import/export feature that enables sharing route record with other uesrs.
- One click sharing feature that allows to posting to facebook and twitter.
- Browse and bookmark exercise records from runners all around the world.
- Take photos and share it with routes that you have created.
- Shows total distance, elapsed time, and calorie.
- Live announce exercise progress to twitter.

We are currently developing many new feature.

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Have fun running with runners around the globe with RunMateGPS

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RunMateGPS: дополнительная информация

  • Дата первого импорта: 2012-03-23 12:20:28
  • Изначально импортировано для: android

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