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Flexible Training на Android iPhone/iPad

Разработчик приложения Flexible Training: ayAPop

A total of 10 minutes
Flexible Training Base

As this exercise can be done while sitting down, it is best done while watching TV or before bedtime. Of course, it is also a suitable before and after sports.

When the body is flexible, there are benefits such as
- increased metabolism
- lower risk of injuries during sports
- lesser falls or trips
• Usefulness as an effective anti-aging and diet etc.

As the body is less active during winter, the gentle training helps the body to stay healthy

? Features ?
? Flexible pose description
Can be done either ‘sitting down’ or ‘standing up’
As there are two types of 10 items for each set, the training can be done before sleeping, and also with running or walking.

? Time measurement and counting
Count by sound. Training time (30 secs ? 1 sets).

? History of Management by Calendar
The training time is marked on the calendar for each item.
As there is a mark for each training day, The thought that "I can continue" will arise.

? Creating [My Menu]
Custom make your own training set and create a menu.
By setting a daily item, MENU is useful because it prevents trainee from returning to the MENU screen but to proceed to the next screen.
It is also useful when doing circuit training.

You can change the break time between training as well as the tone of the count.

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Flexible Training Flexible Training Flexible Training Flexible Training Flexible Training Flexible Training Flexible Training Flexible Training

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